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Build with Pelagus Wallet

The Pelagus Wallet extension allows developers to seamlessly integrate Quai Network's capabilities into their applications. Using the Quai Provider API, you'll be able to easily access user's Quai accounts, send transactions, and more.

To get started building with Pelagus, first install the extension and then detect the provider in your application.

The Pelagus Extension

The Pelagus Wallet browser extension injects the Quai Provider API into the Javascript context of websites that users visit. Browser based applications can then use this Javascript API to request data from users, read data from any chain within Quai Network, and prompt the user to sign transactions and messages.


Pelagus Wallet is currently only available as a browser extension.


If you have any questions or issues while building with Pelagus, join the Pelagus Discord server and shoot a message to the Pelagus team or community developers. We're happy to help!