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Using Pelagus Wallet

What is Quai Network?

Quai is a pre-launch cryptocurrency powered by the Quai Network. Quai Network is the first blockchain protocol that is simultaneously decentralized, censorship resistant, and infinitely scalable. Quai, in contrast to traditional cryptocurrencies, functions as a network of many interoperable blockchains braided together. Due to a breakthrough discovery that occurred during research on Proof-of-Work, Quai Network utilizes a new consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Entropy-Minima (PoEM), which eliminates all consensus-based forks, and enables all Quai nodes to remain in “perpetual consensus.”

The use of an interwoven braid of blockchains means that each Pelagus Wallet account controls many blockchain accounts — one for each Quai blockchain. You can read more about Quai’s multichain architecture and sharded address space in the Quai docs.

Why Pelagus Wallet?

Pelagus has been specifically configured to function with Quai Network's unique multi-chain artchitecture. Each Pelagus seed phrase can be used to simultaneously manage many accounts on all different chains within Quai Network.

Pelagus Wallet is a browser extension for storing tokens and interacting with Quai Network. Being a browser extension makes Pelagus easy to use, especially for those who have used browser extension wallets like MetaMask before. Pelagus makes it simple to do more than just store tokens; you can also interact with smart contracts and dapps. It's user-friendly and designed to be simple and straightforward, making it a great tool for both beginners and experienced crypto users.

Pelagus is developed and maintained by the Pelagus team, with input and contributions from community developers. As an open-source project, all code used in the Pelagus Wallet is available on Github. Pelagus Wallet also intends to support user-focused installations by submitting Pelagus to the Edge, Chrome, Brave, and Firefox stores.


  • Smart Transaction Routing: Send transactions to and from any shard within Quai Network without having to worry about the chain you're sending to or gas estimation.
  • Multi-Chain Account Management: Easily manage multiple accounts across multiple chains within Quai Network in single location.
  • Tokens and NFTs: Securely store and send your QRC20 tokens and NFTs in Pelagus Wallet.